Custom Pricing for Sage 50

The Custom Pricing for Sage 50 add-on allows for quick and easy order entry and includes custom pricing for any customer. The user can quickly build an order based on the customer's sales history. Additionally, the Custom Pricing for Sage 50 allows the user to have deviated pricing for any customer and item. Items for a particular customer can be given any price or price level you choose!

The customer's history is right in front of the user so that items can be easliy selected for a new order. The history of an individual item can also be viewed simply by clicking on the Item Details Button.

The real power of the Custom Pricing for Sage 50 add-on is found in the custom pricing. One can set up custom pricing for specific items for any customer. Each custom price can be set to a specific price level or to a constant price.

It is also possible to set up a group of customers to have the same custom pricing for a set of items. That way it is easier to manage custom pricing for customers in the same category.

The Custom Pricing for Sage 50 add-on gives the user powerful functionality for quick order entry based on a customer's history as well as reliable and flexible pricing for all of your customers.

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