Alert Add-On for Sage 50

You can add alerts by using the custom fields for a customer or a vendor. You can enter an alert in any of the custom fields and you can use more than one field. The only condition is that you prefix the text of the alert with an exclamation point. Below is an example:

The alerts in this case are “Charge to credit card�and “Send invoice instead of packing slip� These alerts can be set up to appear when the customer ID is typed in any of these windows: Sales/Invoicing, Sales Orders, Quotes. For vendors, the alerts can show up in the Purchase Order and Receive Inventory/Billing window. For example the customer ID in the above screen shot is 0TESTD. If a user goes into the Sales Order window and types in 0TESTD for the customer ID, the alert for that customer will appear as follows:

That’s pretty much it. The Alert Add-on for Sage 50 is easy to use and helps users to remember customer/vendor notes as well as many other special cases.